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Rania Awwad


Welcome to my world, I am Rania Awwad, a passionate Digital Nomad who turned a simple idea into a life of financial freedom and boundless adventure.

My journey began as a salaried employee in the Hospitality Field but with a burning desire for a life less ordinary. I envisioned a world where work wasn't confined to a work space, and income wasn't tied to a fixed location. I yearned for the freedom to explore the far corners of the world while building a sustainable income that echoed my passion for living on my terms. I have made it and achieved my aspirations.

Now, I invite you to embark on your own journey toward financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Dare to dream, take that leap, and let the journey begin. Your adventure as a digital nomad and architect of your destiny awaits!

We have been able to pay off massive consumer loans and quit our corporate jobs to focus on our family!

I was working as a sales associate and in maternity leave when I saw this business. Because of this I didn't have to go back to work and I'm able to stay home to take care of my 2 boys.

I was always looking for a better way to earn a living and now, I finally found it! This business has delivered more family time.

This has allowed us to retire early, spend our days together, and enjoy quality time with our kids and new granddaughter!

I only hoped to have a Plan B, never had I imagined that this will be our Plan A!

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